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Paramount Global considering putting Paramount+ content on Showtime – WSJ

Paramount Global (PARA) considering putting Paramount+ content on Showtime – WSJ


By Sam Boughedda

Paramount Global (NASDAQ:PARA) is discussing rebranding its Showtime channel to “Paramount+ With Showtime,” The Wall Street Journal reports Tuesday.

In addition, the publication, citing sources, states that they are also considering stocking Showtime with its Paramount+ streaming service content.

The move is part of the company’s strategy to combine the Paramount+ and Showtime streaming services into one platform, with the entertainment firm believing the changes will act as an incentive for cable and satellite providers that carry the Showtime channel to agree to Paramount’s plan.

Paramount Global has been focusing on its streaming service, Paramount+, more recently, with the company aiming to transition to the service without alienating its longtime pay-TV partners.

The move will allow Paramount to cut costs and bolster the Paramount+ streaming service.

The company’s plan will allow cable and satellite TV subscribers with Showtime to watch various shows and movies currently on Paramount+, including some of Paramount’s own movies.

The customers could also get access to the streaming service at no extra charge.


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