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AUD/USD Bullish Before CPI Release


The Price Filter Indicator suggests that the AUD/USD has entered a bullish trend. The indicator has moved above the 0-line and turned green, which is a bullish signal with this indicator. This is the first time the indicator has entered green territory since April last year. The green surface area indicates that the trend reversal to the upside has momentum and could continue moving upwards.

This idea of a possible uptrend reversal is supported by the price hovering above the 200 EMA on the daily chart. This breakout above the 200 EMA period happened during the first week of 2023, signaling that this might be a good sign for the pair in terms of buying position.

With a current bullish bias, if AUD/USD closes above 0.69870, we might anticipate the price reaching 0.70600, filling out a previous wick’s rejection. If the price has enough momentum in the upcoming days, we could expect the price to not only fill the wick to the left-hand side but also continue moving towards the 0.71200 area, which is the next possible resistance.


On the other hand, if the pair fails to break and close above 0.69870 convincingly, the price may bounce around 0.7000 psychological resistance and the 0.68850 support level until major fundamental news appears to dictate which way AUD/USD heads in the following days.

One such fundamental event will be the Q4 2022 Australian Inflation data due tomorrow (25/01/2023). The annual inflation rate jumped to 7.3% in Q3 of 2022 from 6.1% in Q2, beating expectations of 7.0%.

Consensus forecasts for Q4 are for a modest rise to 7.4% or 7.5%. However, some analysts are forecasting inflation to be 7.7% and above, pointing to recent data from UBS that showed supermarket prices rose an average of 9.2% YoY in October-December 2022 up from the +8.2% recorded in the previous three months. 


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